Visual Arts

Exhibitions at The Harwich Arts & Heritage Centre

The Aletheia Collective Exhibition: The Gallery @ Room 6. Sat 3rd July onwards

Contributing artists – Briggs, Limond, Moss, Riches, Carter

‘Beyond the Surface’

The Aletheia Collective are local artists who live and work in Suffolk and Essex. They began
collaborating in preparation for the Harwich Festival of the Arts, 2020. Due to the Covid-19
pandemic, the festival was cancelled but Aletheia continued to collaborate on several projects
investigating digital media working remotely, to explore selected themes, according to the artists’
predilections. The contributors vary depending upon the project and guest collaborators have
included Susan Barnet and musician Mike Harris. Of the core members Briggs reflects on symbols
and meaning, Limond delves into existentialism, Moss explores transient art and Riches investigates
the human condition in his evocative, monochromatic portraits. By interrogating and examining
chosen themes, the collective is able to produce a fusion of stimulating ideas.


Hamers Verticals: The Foyer: Mon 5th July onwards

Contributing artists – Roger Hamer

Eight paintings with vertical compositions. Two inspired by the shapes, textures and colours of the
Trinity House buoy yard. A constructed relief of colours, rhythms and textures based on the buoy
yard and harbour. Three based on journeys, labyrinths and borders and two based on the expressive
use of colour, texture, line and shape to create the feeling of a dynamic instability. Located at the
Harwich Arts & Heritage Centre Foyer.


Sonism -The Visual Description of Sound: Location TBC: Mon 5th July onwards

Contributing artists – Laurance Blackwell

Internationally acclaimed artist Laurance Blackwell has kindly donated a collection of work to the
HAHC and will be on display to the public throughout the Festival and beyond. Come & see some
amazing art from one of Essex’s pioneer artists.


Harwich & Dovercourt Camera Club Presents: Main Hall: Mon 5th July onwards

Contributing artists – Various.

We are delighted to present a brand new exhibition from The Harwich & Dovercourt Camera Club
who will be showcasing their work at The Harwich Arts & Heritage Centre throughout July.


Panels & Suncatchers: The Foyer: Mon 5th July onwards

Contributing artists – Maureen Gibson

Resident Artist at the Harwich Arts & Heritage Centre Maureen Gibson will be a showcasing a
collection of her eye-catching work in the freshly refurbished Foyer at the Centre throughout the
duration of Festival.


Operation Smile

A bit of creativity never fails to lift our spirits – so, cheer yourself up and make a flag for our Summer
Festival bunting. Contact us for all the details & get involved and help us brighten up the town.
Throughout the Festival at Various Locations. Find out more:- HERE



This summer’s competition is open to all residents of any age in Old Harwich with a ground floor
window(s) facing a public street. Windows should be decorated with a theme to MAKE YOU SMILE
and prizes will be awarded for the most innovative and fun according to the independent judges
who will view your window(s) during the first week of the Festival. Do please keep your window
display for the whole month! Email for info.


Theatre Témoin presents FLOOD

Sun 25th July, 2pm – The Bandstand, Cliff Park
It’s 2030, the world’s oceans have become volatile, dangerous and unable to sustain life. 3 strangers
meet on the high seas. A storm is coming. FLOOD is a new, interactive outdoor spectacle,
highlighting the health of the world’s ocean through the eyes of Britain’s coastal communities.
Utilising circus, music and acrobatics, the production takes audiences on an epic adventure to
understand how our coastline and communities have become ‘seasick’. Standing under their own
personalised ‘sound umbrella’ which combines immersive sound design with Tendring community
voices, audiences are taken far beyond their front door and into the eye of the storm.

FLOOD is ready for wet weather, are you?
FLOOD has been delivered in partnership with Tendring District Council, Arts Council England and
Without Walls

Check out the Music Programme for this years festival.