The Harwich Festival is excited to be part of a new transatlantic project with our friends in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Check out the Fantastic exhibition put together by The Provincetown Art Gallery Association which runs until August 12th.


Welcome to Provincetown!

You read that correctly: Provincetown, Massachusetts—the town on the tip of Cape Cod where the Harwich-built Mayflower first landed in the New World in 1620.

Provincetown today is known for many things beyond being the Pilgrims’ first port-of-call. For decades it was a whaling port, but today the fishing folk are joined by a thriving LBGTQ community and hordes of tourists. But perhaps most significant to the Harwich Festival of the Arts, it now is America’s most influential arts colony, a haven for artists of all disciplines drawn to the landscapes and seascapes of the Cape Cod National Seashore and the ocean waters that surround it.

For the first time ever, Harwich and Provincetown now are exploring our “Sister-City” artistic links. Certainly our environments are similar: seaports check by jowl with vast coastal stretches of waves, dunes and marsh. Our artistic background are similar, too, although Harwich’s arts heritage understandably harks back longer.

But our spirit and our missions are identical. So herewith the first transatlantic arts collaboration between artistic Sister-Cities Provincetown and Harwich. It’s a digital art exhibition curated by the Provincetown Commons,  a family of studios that has fostered and incubated the Provincetown artistic community for more than a century. The Commons also is behind the town’s “Stroll,” a chain of 25 art galleries that encompasses and portrays the array of art in Provincetown and by Provincetown.

Now Harwich Arts enthusiasts can stroll through Provincetown digitally. Just click on the links (below) and enjoy much that Harwich’s artistic Sister City of Provincetown has on display.

Welcome once more to Provincetown.

View the exhibition HERE:

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The Provincetown Art Gallery Association  @provincetownartgalleryassoc

The Provincetown Commons: @commonsptown 

Creative: Robin McMillan Design: Dave LaFrance Sponsorship: The Provincetown Commons