Operation Smile

A bit of creativity never fails to lift our spirits – so, cheer yourself up and make a flag for our Summer Festival bunting. You can make them as simple or as intricate as you like, however please keep to the dimensions given. You can leave raw edges, use pinking shears if you like or hem the sides.

To share a photo of your creation online email a picture to chris@harwichfestival.co.uk

When we’re out of lockdown and able to open the Art Centre again we will be ready and waiting to receive your flags. We’ll make the separate flags into bunting to decorate the town for our Summer Festival in July.

How to make a flag.

Print out or draw flag pattern and cut out. Your finished flag should measure 21cm wide along the top and 21cm along the centre line from the top to the point of the flag. You can leave raw edges, use pinking shears if you like or hem the sides. If using a hem cut the fabric slightly bigger for the seam allowance.

If using 1 piece of fabric, fold it in half and lay the top of the flag pattern along the fold. When using 2 separate pieces of fabric to make a flag, cut out pattern twice with extra seam allowance at the top, then stitch together along the top.

Decorate your flag then stitch sides together leaving a 4cm gap at the top of each side. This will allow us to thread them onto ribbon later on to make them into bunting.

If you have any questions please send an email to craftcafehahc@outlook.com or call Monique de Vlieger on 01255-556517.