Beyond The Surface

The Harwich Festival’s Visual Arts Programme kicks off at 10am on Saturday 3rd July at the Harwich Arts & Heritage Centre with a fantastic exhibition from The Aletheia Collective.

The Aletheia Collective, who live and work in Suffolk and Essex, began collaborating in preparation for the festival last year before it was cancelled. They continued to collaborate on several projects and will now show off their work which they hope will be “thought-provoking and stimulating”.

Of the core members of the group, Larain Briggs reflects on symbols and meaning, Jamie Limond delves into existentialism and Ian Moss explores transient art. While Adam Riches investigates the human condition in his evocative portraits and Marin Carter explores the beauty in nature. Through the chosen themes, the collective has been able to produce a fusion of stimulating ideas.

The title of the exhibition ‘Beyond the Surface’ explores one aspect of German philosopher Martin Heidegger’s ideas, the unveiling of an inner truth or essence, revealed under exceptional circumstances. This, however, is only the artists inspiration, the collective hopes the viewers will bring their own interpretations.

The exhibition will be open from 10am until 5pm for the weekdays onwards, and 10am until 1pm on Saturdays throughout July.

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